Generally, as per societal records and aspects, a girl takes much time to get ready. Because, they have been doing makeup and spending much time for dressing well, and for hairstyling too. Hairstyling is essential to women because they feel strong whenever they look great on more than normal occasions.

Where to get knowledge about curling hair?

Getting curly hair is both an almost risky but easy task too. Because the iron machines help them to get such curliness in hairs for how much they want to have. People can order the best hair straightener and curler and make it at home itself. As I said in the above passage, people especially girls spending time and money on hairstyling. But some of them have been spending only a few minutes to have hairstyles that too even at home.

How Can I Curl My Hair in 10 Minutes

Yes, only a few of them prefer to go parlor that too who have no time to do such curling or else they may not know to do. But for them, there are so many ways to get acquire such wit. The best source is they can simply browse about that on the internet or may watch many videos from Youtube. The common mentality of people is to spend less get more, so if they move for parlor they have to pay more. And that’s why most of them simply buy the straightener and curly iron machines in online shopping and try by themselves. But people should know what are the consequences and risks also knotted by doing self.

What are the risks that people will face by self-curling hairs?

The basic risk or consequences by curling hair is it may get dry, damage, and breakage. Because the curling and straightening iron machines are the heat-producing tools. So, at first the heat will smooth the hair and then make it curl. Human hair consists of some bonds of hydrogen and proteins (keratin). So whenever the blow-dryers and heating tools heat on the hairs, it will automatically strip out from proteins and natural oils. And at the end, it will break out the bond of hydrogen so the texture of hairs naturally to acquire such different hairstyles.

These kinds of changed hairs by using the heating tools are called bubble hair. The reason behind such name is naturally, the hair has nulls and voids crammed with air. So by doing such hairstyles frequently, the bubbles get bigger, by the end it the texture of the hair becomes uneven. This is the first reason for breakage and slowly it leads to some other levels like frizz, color changes, and split ends, and so on. Let us seize some awareness too, before styling with machines the hairs should be dry completely, starts with low heat, do not use these heating tools much often.

Steps to make the curls within 10 minutes

Though people are not born with the curls or glossy and bouncy hairs, they can make it as much as possible within 10 minutes. But before that they have to wash up the hair with ammonium-free and sulfur-free shampoo and conditioners. The must be very clear about the shampoos and conditioner so that their hair-follicle must be practiced with such products. They should not forget or ignore to do a complete hair-dry; they can use blow-dryers too, but should not skip this step ever.

How Can I Curl My Hair in 10 Minutes?

Using curling iron

The first step of curling iron is heating up, people should make it heat for one to five minutes before using it on hair. If they used before it gets heat, then the curls not behold for some time. For fine and thin hair the heat of 320° C is enough if the hair of thicker it tolerates 220° C. the second step is like I said male sure that whether the hair gets ready for curl or not, through the dryness on hair. The sudden heats on hair make damage, but if they make it on wet hair, there is some possibility for burn or even stuck in it. So be careful always with it.

The next step helps them well, that is nothing but brush the hair before starting the iron heats on the hairs. Because the frizzy hairs or spilled ends are possible if they start ironing before brush it well. They have to start from the bottom of the hair. Slowly and inch by inch they have to brush the hair compulsory why because the hair gets weak if they brush them forcedly.

Use hair protection

How Can I Curl My Hair in 10 Minutes

The next step is generally, the hair ironing tools accompanied by some heat protection spray. So people have to just apply or spray it gently on the hair, if they ironing always then often simply do this. It will protect their hair definitely without any side effects. Then they have to split the hair completely into partitions or sections. Splitting into smaller sections and ironing on, it will look awesome once get finished the entire sections. People can use some clips or pins to keep it stronger. First of all they have begun with bottom layers of the hair and then move to the middle and at last only to top. They can use the iron now, then for every section, they have to hold for a few seconds.

And in the end, they can loosen every curl, but this too absolutely optional because some of them love to have the think curls some love the curls in every single hair. So it’s all up to the choice of the people and can simply have the perfect curly hair.


Picking up the hair straightener and curler is not at all the easiest task ever. The reason behind this is every company’s products are designed for a particular purpose with special features. So choosing up the special one or for all types of hair is completely up to the consumers. At the end of all the process, that is loosening the curls, some of them use the hair spray which they have been using in their day to day life. But this step also an option only for the people. This is how people can get curly hair easily.