We see women in hair commercials with beautifully bouncy and voluminous hair and wish to have the same. While some of us are blessed with great genetics, a lot of us don’t have the hair of our dreams. But there’s nothing to worry about, we have volumizing products to help us get bouncy locks!

Do Volumizing Shampoos Really Work?

What are volumizing products?

A volumizing product gives your hair the hold it needs to have to retain volume and shape. These products are formulated in such a way that it not only lifts and holds the hair strands but also adds shine and a healthy look to the hair. Volumizing products such as shampoos, hairspray, mousse, root lifting sprays, etc help your hair look voluminous. Temporary solutions like getting a blow-dry at a salon will also help you get the perfect look for a special occasion. 

How do they work?

Volumizing products clean your hair and get rid of any buildup that’s holding your hair down, thereby allowing your hair to have a body to it which keeps it looking puffy. They also work on things that restrict your hair from being voluminous, such as dryness and brittle hair. Volume shampoo has nutrients or protein-infused formulas that strengthen the hair and prevent breakage, thereby retaining hair and scalp health. Volume shampoo targets the texture of your hair rather than putting more product to hold it. While using a volume shampoo and conditioner, you must remember that less is more. Using a lesser amount of a product is always better so that you don’t overuse and make it difficult to rinse it out. 

Do Volumizing Shampoos Really Work?

Benefits of volume shampoo

Volume shampoo is all you need to bring flat, dry and limp hair back to life. If you are someone who struggles with having flat, limp hair and want commercial-worthy bouncy, voluminous hair, a volumizing product like volume shampoo is just what you need to achieve that. Volume shampoo targets the problem and does not just add effects. A most common reason why your hair is limp is that it is under-nourished or damaged. Dry hair is often brittle and is not healthy enough to retain its shape. Hence, a volume shampoo is infused with proteins, hydration properties and maintains scalp health. All of this improves the overall texture and look of your hair, which in turn helps it remain bouncy and voluminous.

If you are looking for the best volume hair shampoo out there, here’s a list that you can pick from:

Matrix Biolage Volumebloom Shampoo

Inspired by the soft and fluffy cotton flower, this shampoo promises to give you cotton-like bouncy, soft hair. It also claims to give you up to 70% fuller hair when used in combination with its conditioner. What’s interesting is that the product is made using renewable energy resources, so it’s good for the environment too. It is infused with zinc PCA, gluco-omega and biotin that will make your hair thicker, soft to the touch and give it the volume you desire.

Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo can effectively thicken and volumize your hair. People who tested out this product said that they felt their hair was more voluminous and thicker, just after the first wash. Continued usage can give you the desired results. Infused with botanical ingredients, it is good for cleaning your scalp and nourishing it, thereby making your hair strong. It gently cleanses the scalp, leaving no residue that might weigh your hair down.

Do Volumizing Shampoos Really Work?

The Body Shop Rainforest Volume Shampoo for fine hair

Enriched with ingredients found in nature or specifically the rainforest as suggested by the name, this shampoo will give you the volume of your dreams. It contains extracts of the guarana seed, aloe vera, sugarcane and pracaxi oil, that will help strengthen your hair and make it tangle-free and manageable. The exotic ingredients improve scalp health which helps maintain healthy hair and give it volume and shine.  It is safe to use for sensitive and fine hair and is free from harsh chemicals.

Herbal Essences Bio Renew White Strawberry and Sweet Mint

Apart from the delightful fragrance, this shampoo protects your hair from pollution and does not allow dust to sit on your hair. Damaged hair continues to absorb impurities and herbal essence’s biorenew formula prevents those impurities which make your hair dry and brittle, from sticking to your hair and thoroughly cleanses your hair from any residue. It is free from silicone, parabens and sulfates.

Sunsilk Coconut Water and Aloe Vera Volume Shampoo

Infused with refreshing coconut and hydrating aloe vera, this shampoo can give your hair a natural bounce. It is infused with gentle yet effective ingredients and the classic Sunsilk formula, which moisturizes and nourishes your hair without weighing it down. Aloe Vera and Coconut are known for their nourishing properties and Sunsilk’s gentle formula cleanses your hair, nourishes it and gives it a bouncy, beautiful volume.

Wella Professionals INVIGO Volume Boost Bodifying Shampoo

This shampoo is infused with volume boost blend technology. It removes any leftover product residue from your scalp and makes it manageable. It adds shine to your hair and it’s modifying polymers surround the hair strand giving it stability and volume, making it easy to style. Cotton extracts make your hair soft and bouncy. This salon-grade shampoo can help you get the desired volume.

Biotique BioWalnut Body Building Shampoo

This all-natural shampoo will surely win your heart with its good ingredients and fabulous results. Its users say it helped reduce their hair fall and gave it much-needed volume. Infused with extracts from walnut bark, amla, reetha and bhringraj, this shampoo will end your search for a volumizing shampoo.

That’s the top 7 recommendations for the best volume hair shampoo available today. If you have fine, thin hair and want it to look lively again, try any one of these products that suit your requirements and enjoy the results they give. Volumizing shampoo is thin, flat hair’s best friend and you can check that for yourself by using one yourself!